CTU Gears Up for FY 2024 Agency Budget Proposals

Cebu Technological University (CTU) made significant strides in preparing for its Fiscal Year 2024 Agency Budget Proposals during a highly productive three-day University-wide Budget Forum held at Diamond Hotel Suites from July 24 to 26, 2023. The event’s primary objective was to establish a comprehensive budget framework for CTU, define economic and fiscal targets, prioritize key thrusts and programs, and streamline the guidelines, forms, and instructions for budget preparation in alignment with the University’s goals.

The forum was spearheaded by Mr. Jerlito Letrondo, the Vice-President of Administration and Finance, in close coordination with the Chief Administrative Officer for Finance. A remarkable turnout of participants contributed to the success of the event, including all Vice Presidents, Vocational Superintendent II, Campus Directors, Chief Administrative Officers, Campus Administrative Officers V, Supervising Administrative Officer (HRMO IV), University Procurement Management Officer, College Deans, Department Chairs (Main Campus), Section Heads of Non-teaching (Main Campus), Campus Budget Officers, and University Directors.

Dr. Rosein Ancheta Jr., the Executive Vice President for Operations, emphasized the significance of the budget in realizing the University’s vision and goals through his statement, “The budget is a pivotal instrument in achieving the aspirations of the University.”

The forum proved to be highly productive, with fruitful discussions revolving around the following agenda items: Planning and Target Setting FY 2024, Budget and Expenditure Management, Procurement Planning, Workshop on the Formulation of Operational Plan, OPCR FY 2024, and Workshop on the Formulation of Department/Office/College Budget Proposals and PPMP FY 2024.

The university officials, administrative staff, and key stakeholders worked harmoniously to chart the path for a financially sound and successful FY 2024. Through meticulous planning and strategic budgeting, CTU is poised to achieve its objectives and maintain its commitment to delivering quality education and service to the community.

Words by Almie Mata