Cebu Technological University Celebrates 14 Years of Success: Embracing Change and Trailblazing the Future

Dr. Rosein Ancheta Jr., OIC-President

Cebu Technological University (CTU) marked a significant milestone in its journey of academic excellence on November 10, 2023, as it celebrated its 14th-year anniversary. The grand event took place at the Cebu Tech Gymnatorium, and it was a momentous occasion filled with reflection on the university’s past achievements and excitement for what lies ahead. Under the theme “CTU@14: Embracing Change… Trailblazing the Future,” the event not only highlighted the accomplishments of the past but also set a forward-looking vision for the future.

Dr. Rosein Ancheta Jr., the Officer-in-Charge President of CTU, warmly welcomed all attendees and emphasized the significance of this milestone in his opening address. He proudly stated, “I am proud to say that Cebu Technological University has already achieved significant goals, guided by our dedicated administrators, faculty, and staff, and above all, by the grace of God.”

Dr. Ancheta’s words resonated with the audience as he shared the university’s journey from its inception to the remarkable institution it is today. The university’s growth and development have been driven by the collective effort of the CTU community, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in education and research.

In his address, Dr. Ancheta also highlighted the challenges that CTU faces, particularly in the context of limited financial resources. He acknowledged the need for sustained improvement and emphasized the importance of the CTU community’s full cooperation. Dr. Ancheta stressed the principles of good governance, transparency, and accountability as critical pillars in overcoming budgetary constraints while continuing to provide a high-quality education.

Commissioner Jo Mark M. Libre, chairman of CTU’s Board of Regents (LEFT)

Embracing Change

The theme of the 14th-anniversary celebration, “Embracing Change,” reflects CTU’s commitment to adapt and evolve in a rapidly changing world. As technological advancements and societal shifts continue to shape the landscape of higher education, CTU stands ready to embrace these changes, ensuring its programs and offerings remain relevant and innovative.

Trailblazing the Future

“Trailblazing the Future” embodies CTU’s vision for the years ahead. The university aims not only to keep pace with change but to lead the way, setting a precedent for academic institutions in the Philippines and beyond. By fostering an environment of innovation and research, CTU intends to make groundbreaking contributions to various fields, enriching the lives of its students and making a positive impact on the global community.

The CTU@14 celebration was not only a reflection on the past and present but also a commitment to the future. The event brought together, faculty, staff, and well-wishers who share a common dedication to the university’s mission. It was a moment to renew the collective spirit and commitment to creating a brighter future for CTU and the communities it serves.

As Cebu Technological University looks forward to the challenges and opportunities of the years ahead, it does so with confidence, inspired by its rich history and the unwavering support of its community. The 14th-anniversary celebration was a testament to the university’s dedication to excellence and its determination to embrace change while trailblazing a future filled with promise and potential. With a clear vision and a united community, CTU is well-positioned to continue its journey of success for many years to come.

Words by Almie Mata