Cebu Technological University-Main Campus Shines in Pasko sa CTU 2023

Photo captured by Clifford Punay

Cebu Technological University – Main Campus ushered in the enchanting spirit of the Christmas season with the dazzling spectacle of “Pasko sa CTU 2023” on December 1, 2023. The event unfolded at the Ground Floor of the Administrative Building from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, captivating the CTU-MC community in a festive celebration.

The evening commenced with a soul-stirring Invocation presentation, setting the tone for a night filled with camaraderie and holiday cheer. This was followed by the rendition of the National Anthem, the ASEAN Hymn, and the CTU Hymn, skillfully performed by the talented CTU Chorister, creating a harmonious atmosphere that resonated with the joyous occasion.

Professor Mira Nona M. Flores, the esteemed CTU Campus Director, graced the event with her opening remarks, extending a warm welcome to all attendees. Her words set the stage for the much-anticipated Christmas Lighting Ceremony, a symbolic gesture marking the official commencement of the yuletide festivities.

A highlight of the evening was the impactful Inspiration Talk delivered by Rev. Fr. Michael A. Monsanto, an Assistant Procurator General of the Congregation of the Pilgrim and a distinguished member of the Brothers of St. Francis. His message, brimming with hope, faith, and love, left an indelible impression on the audience, inspiring everyone to embrace the spirit of joy and goodwill. Fr. Monsanto’s eloquent words served as a poignant reminder to walk steadfastly in faith, emphasizing that the love from above is our ultimate salvation—a profound reflection befitting the Christmas season.

Following the inspirational talk, Dr. Jabin J. Deguma, a respected COED Faculty member and Chairperson of Community Extension Services, spread out a captivating Christmas story. Infused with spirit and timeless meaning, the narrative served as a profound reminder of the significance of celebrating Christmas—a joyous occasion marking the birth of the Savior. Dr. Deguma’s storytelling not only enriched the audience with wisdom but also encouraged everyone to wholeheartedly embrace the essence of the festive season.

The climax of the event arrived with a dazzling countdown leading to the simultaneous lighting of the Christmas Tree, Lights and the Belen. The campus lit up in a mesmerizing display, symbolizing the collective joy and unity within the CTU-MC community.

The festivities continued with a Community Singing segment, featuring the musical talents of the COED Faculty Band—comprising Prof. Adrian Duites, Arch. Ann Frances Cabigon, and Dr. Dennis Piando. Their melodic performances added an extra layer of merriment to the celebration, resonating through the hearts of all present.      

The grand finale featured the CTU Chorister presenting a delightful rendition of Christmas songs, accompanied by the joyful cheers and graceful smiles of the crowd. Cebu Tech, rooted in tradition, showcased its commitment to celebrating the yuletide season with unparalleled joy and a profound sense of togetherness within its community. As the echoes of festive melodies lingered in the air, the CTU-MC community embraced the holiday spirit, fostering a warm and festive atmosphere that will undoubtedly resonate throughout the year.

Words by Almie Mata