CTU-Argao dominates September 2023 LET results

Credits to CTU-Argao – College of Education FB page

In a remarkable achievement, Cebu Technological University’s Argao Campus once again proved its academic prowess by clinching top positions in the September 2023 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). The campus not only produced three topnotchers but also secured the coveted title of the number one performing school for the Elementary level.

Marichu Abregana, a distinguished graduate of CTU-Argao, got the third spot with an outstanding score of 94%. Adding to the glory, two more CTU alumni, Era Zaira Sacay Lizardo and Rhea Coronado Pino, achieved the 10th position, both attaining an impressive score of 92.60%.

Beyond individual triumphs, CTU-Argao emerged as the top-performing school for the Elementary level, solidifying its reputation for academic excellence. Impressively, all 55 first-time takers from the campus successfully passed the LET, achieving a perfect 100% passing rate.

The comprehensive performance of CTU-Argao in the overall LET results further attests to the institution’s commitment to education. Out of 136 takers, an impressive 124 graduates passed the examination, showcasing a success rate that places CTU-Argao among the elite educational institutions.

Despite the challenges posed by the examination, CTU-Argao demonstrated resilience and dedication, with only 12 individuals falling short of success. This achievement reflects not only the caliber of the students but also the effectiveness of the institution’s teaching methodologies and support systems.

The triumphant results of CTU-Argao in the September 2023 LET underscore its position as a trailblazer in education, setting new benchmarks for excellence and fostering a culture of academic achievement. As the campus continues to produce top-tier graduates, its impact on the education landscape remains undeniable, solidifying its reputation as a hub for cultivating future leaders and educators.

Words by Almie Mata