CTU Soars Globally

Credits to AppliedHE page

Cebu Technological University (CTU) has once again demonstrated its global academic prowess by securing a distinguished position in the prestigious AppliedHE Public University Ranking. In the recently unveiled rankings, CTU proudly stands among the top-tier Philippine State Universities, showcasing its commitment to excellence across various campuses.

Securing an impressive 69th position, CTU shares the spotlight with esteemed institutions such as the University of the Philippines (20), Mariano Marcos State University (43), Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (46), Central Luzon State University (59), and Central Mindanao State University (70). This recognition underscores CTU’s dedication to providing exceptional education and contributing significantly to the academic landscape.

The AppliedHE Public University Ranking: ASEAN, a groundbreaking initiative, focuses exclusively on public universities, evaluating their performance in key areas such as Teaching & Learning, Research, Community Engagement, Internationalization, and Institutional Reputation. This comprehensive evaluation methodology ensures a holistic assessment of each institution’s overall impact and standing within the global academic community.

In the inaugural edition of the rankings for 2024, a total of 80 universities from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam participated. CTU’s inclusion among the top-ranking universities is a testament to its continuous pursuit of excellence and its ability to compete on an international scale.

The acknowledgment of CTU’s academic achievements in this prestigious ranking not only reflects its commitment to providing high-quality education but also highlights its contributions to research, community engagement, and global partnerships. As CTU continues to set new benchmarks, its global recognition further solidifies its position as a leading institution dedicated to shaping the future of education and making a positive impact on society.

Words by Almie Mata