Showcasing of Faculty Inventions Transforming Industries

The University Director for Resource Generation and Industry Linkages, operating within the ambit of the Vice President for Production, Extension, and Resource Generation (PERG), orchestrated a momentous International Product Pitching event on November 24, 2023. This exceptional gathering unfolded at the Conference Room B on the 6th floor of CebuTech Hotel, located within the esteemed CN building.

Distinguished by its significance, this one-day affair showcased the ingenuity of Faculty Inventors who presented their distinctive, health-conscious, and imaginative product inventions through an online platform. The audience comprised Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Startups, Cooperatives, Entrepreneurs, and Investors, both local and international. Notably, these pioneering products are already safeguarded by intellectual property rights through IPOPHIL.

Presenting the distinguished faculty and their groundbreaking inventions:

Dr. Jivulter C. Mangubat – Survival Knife; Survival Axe; Life Saver Board; Compact T-Square Instrument; Compact Drawing Board

Prof. Milcah R. Mangubat – Pictorial Drawing Board

Prof. Monifel S. Galagar – Squash Cookies; Eggplant Cookies

Prof. Alona M. Ordona – Squash Muffin; Squash Bread

Prof. Vicel B. Albano – Composition of Lemon “Citrus Limon” Cookies with Turmeric “Curcuma longa” Extract

Prof. Naomi A. Bajao – Squash Pastillas; Squash Cookies

Dr. Sutero S. Macabudbud Jr. – Boneless Danggit with Cryoprotectant; Kamote Mango Float VCO Infused; Creamy Cococam Turon; Cocowater Treated Sorrel Sardined in Tomato Sauce; Cocowater Treated Sorrel Sardines in Oil; Butterfly Pea Iced Tea Lemonade

Ms. Joanna Christine Salinasal – Rice Bean Beverage; Rice Bean Paste

Dr. Ronald M. Galindo- Firm Bike 2023

Dr. Leahlou E. Narvios – Sweet and Spicy Honey Glazed Taro Fries with Sesame Seeds

Dr. Leodivino A. Lawas – Attachable Detachable Assembled PPE with Temperature Monitoring System

Post-event, the Resource Generation Office has witnessed a substantial influx of participants eager to collaborate with the Cebu Technological University (CTU) for the commercialization of these innovations. The collaboration options extend to licensing agreements or the establishment of Spin-Off Companies. This surge in collaborative initiatives is poised to create more enterprises, thereby fostering additional job opportunities for the Filipino populace.

In essence, the International Product Pitching event served as a nexus for academia and industry, propelling innovative ideas from the academic realm into the commercial sphere. The heightened interest from various sectors underscores the impact of CTU’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurial endeavors and driving economic growth in the region and beyond.

Words by Almie Mata