USTP-CDO Explores Guidance best practices at CTU Main Campus for Service Enhancement

The Guidance Services Unit, operating under the Office of the Student Affairs at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines-Cagayan de Oro City, embarked on a benchmarking initiative with a visit to the Cebu Technological University Main Campus on November 24, 2023. The primary objective of this visit was to glean insights and best practices that could further enhance and fortify the guidance and counseling services offered to students, faculty, and personnel at the University.

The CTU – Guidance Office Day program warmly received the visiting delegation, spearheaded by Ms. Josephine Villa, a seasoned Guidance Services Specialist. Ms. Villa played a pivotal role in ensuring that the visit aligns seamlessly with the outlined objectives, fostering an environment conducive to knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The benchmarking visit witnessed the active participation of key personnel from USTP-CDO, reflecting a commitment to the advancement of their guidance services. Notable attendees included Mr. Floreto B. Quinito, Jr., the Director of the Office of the Student Affairs; Dr. Ralph Vendel E. Musni, RGC, who heads the Guidance Services Unit; Ms. Lovely Apostol, RGC, a Guidance Counselor; Ms. Knstine Camille Macesar, RGC, also a Guidance Counselor; Dr. Carmelita Judith Guarin, RGC, another esteemed Guidance Counselor; Ms. Josie Jane Maghinay, a dedicated Guidance Advocate; and Mr. Ariel M. Tecson, RGC, a proficient Guidance Counselor.

This collaborative endeavor between USTP-CDO and CTU not only signifies a commitment to continuous improvement in guidance services but also serves as a platform for fostering synergies and knowledge-sharing within the academic community. As both institutions exchange valuable insights, it is anticipated that this benchmarking initiative will contribute to the development of more robust and effective guidance and counseling services, ultimately benefiting the academic community at large.

Words by Almie Mata