CCICT students merge victorious at ISIITA 2024

The College of Computer, Information, and Communications Technology (CCICT) students demonstrated their exceptional prowess by achieving triumph at the prestigious International Symposium on Innovative Information Technology and Applications (ISIITA) Student Capstone Design Competition, held at the University of the Philippines Cebu from January 15 to 17, 2024.

In an impressive display of their skills and innovation, Ryan Baguio, Rey Mark Simacas, and Louie Jay Ceniza clinched the second spot, showcasing their remarkable talents in the realm of information technology. Their success was amplified by the invaluable guidance provided by their adviser, Dr. Narcisan S. Galamiton.

Not to be outdone, Karl Evemar Modequillo, Clare Nicor, and Rollaine Kaye Obejero secured the third place, a testament to their ingenuity and dedication. Their achievement was made possible under the expert mentorship of Dr. Bell S. Campanilla.

The commendable performance of these CCICT students not only reflects their individual brilliance but also underscores the high standard of education and mentorship provided by the college. The entire CCICT community led by Dr. Jose Maria S. Garcia II, College Dean takes pride in their success, reinforcing the college’s commitment to nurturing and developing outstanding talents in the field of computer, information, and communications technology.

Words by Almie Mata