CebuTech Mapping Success 2024-2028

In a significant stride towards fortifying the vision and missions of the Cebu Technological University, key officials convened on January 19, 2024, in the boardroom at the Office of the President to scrutinize and refine the University Strategic Plan for the years 2024-2028.

Chaired by Dr. Joseph C. Pepito, the University President, the forum highlighted the imperative need to deliberate upon the University Strategic Plan for 2024-2028. Dr. Pepito underscored the necessity for meticulous examination, potential modifications, and enhancements to ensure the attainment of the university’s goals within the stipulated four-year timeframe.

Mr. Jerlito A. Letrondo JD., the Acting Vice President for Administration and Finance, presented a comprehensive overview of the University Strategic Plan 2024-2028. His presentation served as a focal point for the subsequent discussions that unfolded during the session.

The Vice Presidents, including Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. (Executive Vice President for Operation), Dr. Reylan G. Capuno (Vice President for Academic Affairs), Dr. Amelia Girly L. Aranas (Vice President for Research and Extension Development), and Dr. Rose Mary L. Almacen (Vice President for Student Affairs, Production, and Resource Generation), elucidated the specific targets of their respective offices and contributed to the finalization process.

Engaging in an open forum, various officials played a pivotal role in shaping the discourse. Atty. Marvey A. Ocampo, Vocational Superintendent II/PBB Focal Person; Atty. Joelie Marie Y. Medalle, OIC Chief Administrative Officer (Administration); Dr. Emma R. Sacan, Chief Administrative Officer (Finance); Dr. Jana Gloria F. Almerino, HRMO IV/University SPMS Planning Officer; Mr. Johannes M. Camasura, University Director for Automation, Innovation, and Computing; Dr. Cristie Ann L. Jaca, University Director for Information, Communication, and Public Affairs; Dr. Adeline P. Dela Cruz, University Director for Faculty Training and Development; Dr. Hana Astrid R. Canseco Tuñacao, University Director for Internalization and ASEAN Integration; Dr. Jonathan Maglasang, University Director for Research and Development; Dr. Lolita A. Velita, University Director for Resource Generation and Industry Linkage; Dr. Alex C. Mayor, University Director for Infrastructure; Mr. Irvin A. Narsico, Administrative Officer V (HRMO III); Ms. Irene A. Monte and Ms. Christine M. Corrales, PBB, QS, PQA Secretariat, all contributed diverse ideas and perspectives.

The day-long discussion culminated in a consensus, with comprehensive modifications and finalizations made for the university’s targets for the period 2024-2028 toward a future of continued excellence and achievement.   

Words by Almie Mata