CebuTech Quizzers Dominate at 13th Don Tomas Mapua National Civil Engineering Quiz Show

Photo credits to CTU-Dumanjug Extension Campus Civil Engineering FB page

In a remarkable display of intellectual prowess and engineering acumen, two exceptional Civil Engineering students from Cebu Technological University – Dumanjug Extension Campus emerged triumphant at the 13th Don Tomas Mapua National Civil Engineering Quiz Show, held at Mapúa University Intramuros Gymnasium on January 23, 2024.

Rico Q. Elao, with an unparalleled showcase of exceptional knowledge and skills, clinched the coveted championship title, solidifying his status as a standout performer in the national competition. Elao’s outstanding achievement earned him a substantial cash prize of ₱30,000, a testament to his dedication and commitment to the field of Civil Engineering.

Applause and recognition are also extended to Edmund C. Ababa, whose impressive performance secured him the spot of 1st Runner-up in the competition. Ababa’s remarkable display of expertise in the field earned him a well-deserved cash prize of ₱20,000, further highlighting the high caliber of students at Cebu Technological University.

The success of these two exceptional quizzers is not only a reflection of their individual brilliance but also a testament to the guidance and mentorship provided by the esteemed faculty at CTU – Dumanjug Extension Campus. Engr. John Renel Capillanes, the Civil Engineering Chairman, and Engr. Jayson Aupe Logroño, an esteemed Instructor, played pivotal roles in shaping and honing the skills of these talented individuals.

The collaborative effort of the dedicated faculty members undoubtedly contributed to the success of Rico Q. Elao and Edmund C. Ababa in the national quiz show. Their mentorship and commitment to academic excellence have further solidified the reputation of Cebu Technological University – Dumangjug Extension Campus as a premier institution for Civil Engineering education.

Words by Almie Mata