CTU and UQAM Forge Academic Synergy

(From left) Dr. Michel Plasient and Dr. Joseph Pepito, CTU President

In a significant development for academic collaboration, Dr. Michel Plasient, a distinguished professor from the Management Department at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), visited CTU University President, Dr. Joseph Pepito, on January 10, 2023, at the University’s Main Campus. The purpose of this visit was to explore various avenues that could significantly benefit the institution.

During the meeting, Dr. Plasient shared valuable insights on potential research areas that could enhance CTU’s reputation. His suggestions aimed to align the university’s research initiatives with global standards, emphasizing the importance of contributing to cutting-edge fields.

Additionally, he highlighted a unique opportunity for CTU’s faculty to pursue doctoral studies at the International American University (IAU). This collaboration could foster an exchange of knowledge and perspectives, enriching the academic experience for both institutions.

Dr. Plasient also extended an opportunity for CTU staff to engage in a Diploma in Professional Education (DPE) at UQAM. This initiative seeks to enhance the professional development of CTU’s staff members, and faculty ensuring a high standard of educational expertise within the institution.

In a groundbreaking proposal, Dr. Plasient recommended the organization of a Joint Conference involving CTU, UQAM, and the Excellence in Research and Innovation (EIRAI), an entity operating under Pilares D’Elegancia LDA in Portugal. This collaborative effort could open avenues for interdisciplinary exchange and foster a global network of academic excellence.

The visit of Dr. Michel Plasient marks a pivotal moment for CTU, signifying a commitment to expanding its academic horizons and establishing international collaborations that will undoubtedly contribute to the institution’s growth and reputation. As both universities embark on this journey of partnership, the exchange of ideas and resources promises a brighter future for academic excellence and innovation at CTU.

Words by Almie Mata