CTU’s Community Extension Workshop Unleashes Sustainable Impact

The University Extension Office conducted the University Wide Extension Project Planning Workshop, held from January 17 to 19, 2024, in CTU-Argao. This undertaking aimed to fortify the impact of the university’s community extension programs, transcending immediate needs to foster enduring well-being within the community.

Leading the charge was Dr. Lynnette Matea S. Camello, the University Director for Community Extension Services, who spearheaded the three-day event. Her objective was to furnish community extension teams across campuses with a profound understanding of community dynamics, stakeholders, and needs assessments. By doing so, these teams would be empowered to devise and execute programs that not only address immediate challenges but also seize opportunities for long-term community betterment.

Beyond these goals, the workshop sought to cultivate an appreciation for the community extension paradigm in comparison to the CTU Extension Framework. It aimed to instill an understanding of the university extension agenda and the role of community-based education in sustainable development. Participants were also guided to craft meticulously articulated community extension project proposals designed for GAA funding. These proposals were to be not only responsive to community-defined needs but also aligned with CTU’s mandated and priority programs.

The vision behind this initiative is to bolster the University’s commitment to socio-economic sustainability through community extension projects. The ultimate aim is to achieve sustainable development, not only within the university’s immediate sphere but extending its positive impact far beyond. This training represents a crucial step towards realizing this strategic initiative, positioning the University at the forefront of fostering positive change and lasting development within communities.

Words by Almie Mata