CTU’s MOU signing initiative with South Korea reaps advancement in education and technology partnership

(Left) Dr. Rosemary L. Almacen, Vice President for Student Affairs

From December 16 to 19, 2023, the CTU Danao selected faculty members and the Cebu Technological University’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Rose Mary L. Almacen, step on an informative journey to South Korea, joining in the 10th United Nations International Anti-Corruption Day Ceremony. The event provides a platform for delegates worldwide to engage in meaningful discussions, share perspectives, and forge alliances to address pressing corruption challenges.

The Philippines was recognized for its noteworthy contributions to anti-corruption initiatives in which notable Filipino awardees personally received their award. The presence and contributions of the Cebu Technological University delegation, led by Dr. Rosemary L. Almacen, were also acknowledged during the ceremony held at the Main Hall of Korean National Assembly, Seoul, South Korea.

The CTU delegation also visited a nursing care facility which will be soon converted to an English Training Center which envisions to create opportunities for CTU graduates to work in Korea. Exploring innovative farming methodologies, the delegation also witnessed groundbreaking AI-driven agricultural practices presented by the Love Farm Co. Ltd.

The visit of the above-mentioned facilities bears two Memorandum of Understanding initiatives between Cebu Technological University and Korean Global University for education and Love Farm Co. Ltd. for a transformative partnership in technological advancements and sustainable agricultural practices.

The CTU Danao delegation which includes Dr. Decem C. Suladay, Dean of Instruction, Dr. Edralin A. General, Chairman for Internationalization, Prof. Mark Joseph C. Bernardo, University Director for Scholarship, Engr. Delfa G. Castilla, Gender and Development Chair and Prof. Delia G. Sabio, National Service Training Chair shares how their four-day visit to Korea was extremely valuable in helping them implement towards their respective offices what they experienced during the said engagement.

With Dr. Almacen’s visionary leadership, these undertakings are already impressive achievements which offer a bright future indeed for CTU Danao graduates.

Words by CTU-Danao