CTU Celebrates Adlaw sa Dilang Sugbuanon 2024

The Cebu Technological University, in collaboration with the Cultural and Historical Affairs Office of Cebu City, celebrated this year’s Adlaw sa Dilang Sugbuanon in celebration of the International Mother Language Day. The successful event took place at the CTU Gymnatorium – Main Campus on February 21, 2024 organized by the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), led by Dr. Cristian Ray Licen, CAS Dean.

The event featured three distinguished speakers who shared their expertise in the Cebuano language. Prof. Emiliano D. Catalina, a faculty member from San Fernando Extension Campus, shared insights from his study titled “The Yapian Classification of the Vocabulary of the Austronesian Visayan – Cebuano Language.” The second speaker, Dr. Jesum Pitogo, delved into “Dila sa Bisdak: The Linguistic System of Cebuano Visayan.” Lastly, Dr. Erlinda Kintanar – Alburo, Comissioner of the Cultural Heritage Affairs Office, discussed “Garden verses in Cebuano: Lessons in Language.”

During the event, Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama delivered a message, highlighting the significant contribution of his late grandfather, Don Vicente Rama, to the Cebuano language. Mayor Rama presented a copy of his book, titled “The Vicente Rama Reader: An Introduction for Modern Readers,” to the University President, Dr. Joseph C. Pepito.

Dr. Pepito, in his message, emphasized the importance of the Sugbuanon Language. He stressed the need to cherish and preserve the Cebuano language, even as some individuals use foreign languages. However, he acknowledged the value of learning various languages to facilitate communication with diverse nationalities.

The celebration of International Mother Tongue Day at CTU served as a platform to honor and promote the Cebuano language, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for linguistic diversity. / ICPA