CTU Leaders Convene to Discuss FY 2024 Targets

The Vice-Presidents and key officials convened to unveil the targets set for Fiscal Year 2024 on February 15, 2024, at the QA conference room in CTU-Main. The day-long event saw the participation of campus directors from across campuses, who engaged in comprehensive discussions and presentations focusing on Performance Targets, Operational Plan, and the Office Performance & Commitment Review (OPCR).

The Vice-Presidents included Dr. Reylan G. Capuno, overseeing Academic Affairs; Dr. Amelia Girly L. Aranas, responsible for Research and Extension Development; Dr. Rose Mary L. Almacen, whose portfolio includes Student Affairs, Production, and Resource Generation, represented by Dr. Allan Mariñas, her secretary; JD Jerlito A. Letrondo, managing Administration and Finance; and Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr., in charge of Operations. This esteemed group meticulously presented the proposed targets for their respective offices, emphasizing a commitment to excellence and growth.

The dynamic exchange of ideas and insights during the event underscored the collective dedication to advancing the CTUs’ objectives for the upcoming fiscal year. The comprehensive discussions and presentations laid the groundwork for a strategic roadmap, ensuring that each facet of the university’s operations aligns with the overarching goals. As the campus directors actively participated in this collaborative process, the event fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose among the leadership team. / ICPA