CTU Math Wizards Score Third Place Triumph in Quizzard Showdown

The CTU statistics students celebrated a triumphant achievement, securing the third spot in the fiercely contested Intercollegiate Math-Stat Quizzard 2024, held at the University of the Philippines Cebu on March 13, 2024. This victory marked a significant milestone for the team, amidst stiff competition from 12 formidable teams representing eight esteemed universities across Cebu, all vying for mathematical and statistical supremacy.

Comprising two teams, the CTU contingent featured the dynamic trio of Allysa Manatad, Marlon Dinoy, and John Rowen Miano, alongside the equally adept team of John Ryan Ollodo, Adolben Malabago Jr., and Sean Tracy Castro. Guiding these bright minds was Prof. Julius Selle, the esteemed associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at CTU.

Navigating through a challenging elimination round encompassing 30 rigorous questions, the Manatad, Dinoy, and Miano team exhibited exceptional mathematical prowess, clinching the third spot after tackling 10 particularly demanding questions with finesse. Moreover, the overall championship title was claimed by the illustrious Cebu Institute of Technology – University, with the UP-Cebu Team securing the prestigious second place.

The Intercollegiate Math-Stat Quizzard saw spirited participation from a diverse array of institutions, including two teams each from UP-Cebu, University of San Carlos, and CTU, as well as representatives from University of Cebu, Cebu Eastern College, Cebu Aeronautical Technical School, and University of Visayas. This event served as a highlight of the joint Mathematics and Statistics Week, commemorating the Sciences Month with fervor and scholarly excellence. / ICPA