Uniting Minds for Future Success

Deans and heads of offices at Cebu Technological University Main Campus gathered on March 13, 2024, at the CN Building to strategize and set targets for the campus’ future endeavors. Spearheaded by the HR Office under the leadership of Dr. Jana Gloria F. Almerino, and guided by Dr. Ramel Genobiagon, the Campus Director, the meeting aimed to align the campus’s goals with its overarching mission.

In the days leading up to the event, a comprehensive cascading of objectives had taken place that involved officials from various campuses. Within the day Mr. Irvin Narsico, HRMO III, oversee the dissemination and deliberation of approved targets. This ensured that every level of the institution was synchronized in its pursuit of excellence.

Throughout the day-long event, fruitful discussions and idea exchanges took place among officials and faculty members of the Main Campus. The collective expertise and insights shared during the meeting will serve as a catalyst for the campus’s growth and development in the coming years. / ICPA