CTU President, VP Academic Affairs, and 112 CTU Faculty join PAFTE VII Regional Assembly

CTU President, Dr. Joseph C. Pepito, and VP Academic, Dr. Reylan Capuno join the other 121 CTU Faculty who participated the PAFTE VII Regional Assembly held on April 12-13, 2024 at Metrocentre Hotel in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

Teacher educators in Region VII gathered to immerse themselves on the latest learning trend: Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The participants who came from different private and state universities in Region VII join the discussion on how AI has changed the educational landscape with the efficiency it offers whilst considering its ethical implications.  The theme “Enhancing the future of education through AI-Enabled Instructional Innovations” was very timely as teachers are experiencing both challenges and opportunities in using AI in their teaching.

The 2-day activity started with the CHED Regional Director, Dr. Maura Cristobal, the Keynote Speaker of the event, sharing on the status of Teacher Education Institutions as she recognized the number of Teacher Education Programs in the region including those with Center of Development and Center of Excellence.  Dr. Cristobal likewise she mentioned the Top Performing Schools for the March 2023 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers. She reminded the teachers that the licensure performance of the graduates is a reflection of the teaching learning process in the classroom. In her Keynote speech, she acknowledged the EDCOM II Report before she proceeds with her discussion on A Reimagined Approach: Education in the Philippines is Imperative, And the Time to Act is Now. She emphasizes the urgency of educational innovation and progress, and that every educator should be compelled to feel the same imperativeness. Dr. Cristobal also talked about the digital transformation and educational technologies that can transform the educational system.

The discussions of the event centered on the current landscape of Education in the Philippines and the strategic alternatives for the improvement of our educational programs will be comparable to the global community. As such, the need to constantly upgrade teachers’ skills to learn new things and embrace the uncertain future requires communication and collaboration among all stakeholders. The favorable outcomes attest to the two-day event’s successful conclusion. l Dr. Cristie Ann L. Jaca, UD – ICPA