Dr. Cristie Ann L. Jaca Represents CTU at ACEID2024 in Tokyo

Dr. Cristie Ann L. Jaca, University Director of Information, Communication, and Public Affairs (ICPA) at the Cebu Technological University (CTU), recently showcased her academic prowess as a research presenter at the prestigious 10th Asian Conference on Education and International Development (ACEID2024), organized by the International Academic Forum (IAFOR) in Tokyo, Japan, from March 25 to 29, 2024.

ACEID2024 served as a convergence point for scholars and researchers worldwide, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue on contemporary academic trends. Among the esteemed participants, Dr. Jaca stood out with her enlightening research presentation titled “Artificial Intelligence in Education: A Threat or a Tool in Teaching.” Her study delved into the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools by university educators, addressing pertinent inquiries such as the types of AI tools employed, the rationale behind their usage, and whether they pose a threat or serve as aids in the teaching process.

Reflecting on her participation in the five-day event, Dr. Jaca took to her Facebook page to express profound gratitude to the CTU administration for their unwavering support in representing the institution at this esteemed international conference.

“Thank you CTU Administration for the opportunity to represent our university as a research presenter in one of the most respectable international conferences organized by IAFOR. The 10th Asian Conference on Education and International Development (ACEID2024) gathered scholars and researchers across the globe for interdisciplinary discussion on relevant academic trends like AI based on research.”

The significance of IAFOR events transcends mere academic discourse; they serve as catalysts for global collaboration and knowledge exchange. Through its diverse platforms and initiatives, IAFOR endeavors to foster interdisciplinary engagement, facilitate the emergence of novel insights, and nurture international research networks and partnerships. With a commitment to promoting dialogue across borders and disciplines, IAFOR remains at the forefront of cultivating a vibrant global scholarly community. l Almie Mata