Celebrating Premier Excellence

Cebu Technological University (CTU) once again displayed a spectacular performance as two of the graduates from CTU-Moalboal and one from CTU-Main secured top spots in the March 2024 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (LEPT).

In the Elementary Category, Gracelyn Celestian Ygot of CTU-Moalboal obtained the 2nd spot garnering a remarkable 92.00% score, while Arnie Joy Goyha Emia took the 6th spot by averaging a score of 91.40%. On the other hand, Shiraz Dawn Arnado Tanginan tallied an outstanding 91.00% score that earned her 9th place in the Secondary Category.

CTU also achieved another excellent milestone by garnering an exceptional 85.59% passing rate in the LEPT Elementary Category. The first and only school in the whole country to achieve an 85% passing rate with more than 300 examinees.

These superb feats showcase the kind of academic excellence that the University practices.