CTU-AC conducts face-to-face teaching internship induction and Pinning Ceremony

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak and the super typhoon Odette leaving us with devastations, the CTU-Acers have kept their steps forward as they successfully held the face-to-face Teaching Internship Induction and Pinning Ceremony last March 25, 2022, at the CTU grounds.

Amidst the sun’s scorching heat, the event inducted 260 vaccinated practice teachers from the College of Education and 96 vaccinated practice teachers from the College of Arts and Sciences. One vaccinated representative escorted each aspirant teacher.

It was a remarkable moment that formally proclaimed the teaching internship phase for these students and kicked off the journey that lies ahead of them as future teachers.

Despite the paradigm shift of the educational system from traditional face-to-face to remote online learning, the fight goes on every single day with the hopes of reaching their dreams. With rigorous preparation, CTU-AC is looking forward to seeing every practicum make a difference in every student they will be assigned.

Words by Finch Marie Legaspi