CTU-Argao commences the Face to Face Enrollment

Due to the disruptions and connectivity issues caused by Typhoon Odette, Cebu Technological University—Argao Campus implemented a face-to-face enrollment for 2nd Semester AY 2021–2022 from March 1–12, 2022, strictly adhering to the minimum health standards.

It was the first face-to-face enrollment since the pandemic started. Prior to the registration date, enrollment forms are distributed to the students to fill out the necessary information in advance for efficiency.

Every program has a different schedule to maintain social distancing. The physical enrollment includes acknowledging the new VMGO dissemination, releasing the validated study load (students’ copy) and student rating slip, updating students’ directory, checking student teaching requirements, and giving a washable face mask.

According to Abegail C. Rosales, BEED 4A FSTLP Deputy Executive Secretary, “This year’s enrollment process is easier for me than last year. It has been a wonderful experience to return to the University and see and speak with my classmates and teachers in person.”

It allows students to ask questions directly to professors and department heads. Students can process their enrollment daily and personally ask questions from professors, unlike online registration, where there are frequent interruptions such as internet connection problems.

In an online interview via messenger, Dr Fitzgerald C. Kintanar, Dean of the College of Education, “Coordination meetings were made through the Dean of Instruction (DOI) leadership. Within our college, we did coordination meetings, venue preparation, posting of reminders and dry-run of the physical enrolment.”

“There were no problems and challenges encountered on its actual set-up, and students can comply with deficiencies right there and then. Teachers can do academic counselling easily because students are physically around; physical distancing measures were overlooked because of their excitement in conversing with their classmates whom they have not seen for a long time. However, the college always reminds them to implement minimum health standards,” he added.

CTU – Argao Campus continues to look for the best possible solutions to provide excellent education amidst the COVID-19 pandemic surge.

Words by Chabelita Hontiveros