College of Education Facilitates School Visitation to Introduce Practice Teachers to Cooperating Schools

On February 16, 2023, the College of Education of CTU Bantayan Extension conducted a school visitation to introduce the incoming Practice Teachers to their respective Cooperating Schools. The visit was part of the preparation for the deployment of the Practice Teachers for Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLED) this second semester.

The school visit aimed to familiarize the Practice Teachers with their respective Cooperating Schools, which include Sta. Fe National High School, Marikaban Integrated School, Oboob Integrated School, Bantayan National High School, and Patao National High School. These schools have been chosen as Cooperating Schools for the Practice Teachers and are expected to provide a conducive learning environment for the student interns.

Prof. Braulio M. Diongson, Chairman for Practice Teaching, Prof. Rogelio Sala, Prof. Girlie F. Fariola, and Prof. Aime M. Giganto were present during the introduction of practice teachers. They discussed the practice-teaching guidelines and provided a short overview of the program. This briefing helped ensure that the Practice Teachers are well-prepared for their upcoming teaching experience and understand their roles and responsibilities as student interns.

The Practice Teachers were warmly welcomed by the school principals, who strongly supported the University’s initiative toward an excellent teacher education program. The warm welcome from the school principals indicates a promising start for the student-interns and sets the tone for a productive and collaborative teaching and learning experience.

The school visit was an essential step in ensuring the success of the Practice Teachers’ deployment. It helped to establish a good working relationship between the Practice Teachers and their respective Cooperating Schools, and it provided an opportunity for the Practice Teachers to familiarize themselves with their new teaching environment. 

The visit also showed the University’s commitment to providing its student-interns with a high-quality education and ensuring they receive the support they need to become effective and successful teachers in the future.



Words by Girlie Farriola