CTU Bantayan hosts Seminar on Labor Laws and Work Ethics for Professional Development

CTU-Bantayan Extension held a Labor Laws and Work Ethics seminar for fourth-year students in the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program on February 8, 2023. 

The seminar aimed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of labor laws and ethical practices in the workplace. 

Professor Lloyd Cymbeline Orbeta hosted the event, which included a welcome address from Prof. Jonathan Giltendez, Dr. Marjorie Zanoria, and Prof. Charena Cueva. 

Keynote speaker Professor Braulio M. Diongzon discussed basic labor laws and workplace issues. Students were asked to create “Dark Side” and “Bright Side” cards to express their feelings about their upcoming On-the-Job Training. Professor Diongzon also emphasized the importance of having a solid moral character and integrity in the workplace. 

Furthermore, an open forum was conducted for students to ask questions and clarify their concerns. The seminar ended with a certificate awarded to the resource speaker and a closing statement thanking the speaker and students for their participation. The seminar provided valuable knowledge to the students, preparing them for their future careers.

Words by Girlie Farriola