CebuTech Bantayan Joins Ladderized Peer Education Training

CebuTech Bantayan recently participated in the Ladderized Peer Education Trainingโ€”Level 2 program conducted by the Commission on Population and Development – Region VII at the Bantayan Municipal Social Hall on Bantayan Island from February 15-17, 2022. 

This training continues the first level of the ladderized activity on Adolescent Health and Development (AHD), which aims to equip youth leaders with the necessary skills to facilitate peer learning and development.

CebuTech SSG Officers Abegail Sevilla and Franc Philip Rivera and other selected student leaders from various schools in the municipality of Bantayan completed Level 2 of the “Peer Facilitation & Life Skills Training.” This training focused on empowering youth leaders with life skills that enable them to empathize with their peers and guide them toward self-discovery and development.

After the training, the student leaders formed the Bantayanon Youth Advocates for Holistic Empowerment, abbreviated as BYAHE, which aims to help their fellow youth and adolescents progress towards adulthood as empowered individuals. The organization will collaborate with the Commission on Population and the local government unit of Bantayan to implement community programs for the youth, such as the U4U Teen Trail and Heart-to-HEART Talk.

The BYAHE organization aims to continue spreading awareness and implementing the learnings they acquired during the first two levels of LPET to empower their fellow youth and advocate for their holistic development. This initiative is an excellent model for peer-led initiatives that encourage youth development and community engagement, with the potential for replication in other areas.

Words by Girlie Farriola