CTU Bantayan Extension Campus holds seminar series to prepare Future Educators

CTU Bantayan Extension Campus conducted a two-day capacity-building seminar series on March 9-10, 2023, to empower the incoming practice teaching interns. The event’s primary goal was to equip the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in their teaching roles in the cooperating schools.


The seminar encompassed several crucial topics: Lesson Planning, Personality Development, Classroom Management, The Art of Questioning, Teaching Strategies, and Test Construction. These subjects were meticulously chosen to help the interns develop essential skills for becoming effective educators.


Distinguished resource speakers who are experts in their respective fields facilitated the seminar series, including Dr. Chito R. Villacampa, Prof. Charina N. Mata, Prof. Nina Mae A. Maspara, Prof. Princess Dae D. Lim, and Prof. Girlie F. Fariola. Their extensive knowledge and experience in teaching and education provided the participants with valuable insights, practical tips, and strategies.


The culminating activity of the seminar was a return teaching demonstration, followed by a feedback session with the panellists. This allowed the interns to apply the concepts they learned and receive constructive criticism to improve their teaching skills.


Overall, the two-day capacity-building seminar series was a resounding success, providing the interns with the necessary tools to excel as educators.