CODI Members Attend 2-Day Seminar on Preventing Sexual Harassment and Upholding Professionalism in the Workplace

The Committee on Discipline and Investigation of Cebu Technological University Bantayan Extension members participated in the 2-day seminar-workshop held on April 17 and 18 at Summit Galleria Cebu. The Campus Directors, GAD Directors, Faculty Presidents, Non-Teaching Presidents, SAO Directors, and SSG Presidents attended the event. 

Atty. Orville T. Dela Cerna, a lawyer, behavioral trainer, and resource speaker, provided interactive and insightful sessions on Creating a Safe and Respectful Workplace Seminar on Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment and Upholding Professionalism and Ethics Training for the Committee on Decorum and Investigation Members. 

The 2-day seminar helps educate the participants on the definition of sexual harassment, the importance of creating a safe space and respectful work environment, and knowing the best practices and guidelines to address the problem when it occurs. It also helps to create awareness around the consequences of sexual harassment and reinforces the organization’s commitment to preventing it. 

The seminar also helps to create a culture within the organization that is intolerant of harassment and encourages reporting and support for those affected.

The event ensures that the CODI members are ready to promote a culture of respect and accountability and equip them with a positive and productive workspace. The day ended with an activity called the management of learnings that sums up all the topics from the two-day seminar.

Words by|| Clarisa Joy L. Rivera