CoEd Holds Pre-Service Deployment Orientation 

The CTU Bantayan Extension Campus College of Education hosted the Pre-Service Deployment, Cooperating School Principals, and Mentors Orientation with the theme: “Maximizing the Potential of Teacher Education: Optimizing Pre-Service Teachers’ Placement and Mentors’ Preparation for Effective Collaboration in Schools,” held on March 24, 2023.

The event’s vision was to focus on guiding BTLED 4 pre-service teachers for their deployment purposes.

Within the program, the cooperating school principals and mentors arrived early, where they were briefed on how they could supervise the student interns in their respective schools.

Additionally, Dr. Vivian M. Arreglo, the Dean of the College of Education, expressed her heartfelt gratitude for welcoming all the attendees and demystified the statement of purpose and relevance. 

Moreover, Prof. Braulio M. Diongson, the Chairman for Practice Teaching, thoroughly explained the Teaching Internship Guidelines, Cooperating Teachers’ Guide, and Pre-Service Teachers’ Roles and Expectations in detail to the principals, mentors, and pre-service teachers.

The convention discussed the essential matters that pre-service teachers should undertake while undergoing teaching field experience with the help of mentors. The pre-service teachers were prepared to learn appropriate teaching methods and approaches to improve their pedagogical competence and performance. After a series of discussions, Prof. Rogelio Sala opened a forum for questions and clarifications. Mentors from different schools asked queries, and some pre-service teachers clarified some discussed points. 

Mr. Melville D. Dela Peña, the Principal of Bantayan National High School, delivered the message of acceptance of 18 BTLED Pre-service teachers, seven of whom would be deployed in Bantayan NHS, six to Patao NHS, three assigned to Santa Fe NHS, one in Oboob Integrated School, and one in Marikaban Integrated School. Prof. Girlie Fariola, the Campus Director of CTU-Bantayan, conveyed a worthwhile message to confirm the pre-service teachers.

The event concluded when the principals, mentors, teachers, and pre-service teachers took a photo together as a valuable souvenir. Finally, Prof. Niña Mae A. Maspara, Faculty, COEd, expressed her sincere appreciation to the attendees.

Words by Janine Maritel Cueva Staff, The Island Horizon