CTU Bantayan conducts Disaster Risk Reduction Management Training for NSTP Students

CebuTech Bantayan hosted a comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction Management Seminar on March 25, 2023, at CTU Bantayan Covered Court to prepare students enrolled in the National Service Training Program (NSTP 2) for emergencies. The training was a remarkable success, with students receiving a lecture and performing basic response drills under the guidance of Mr. Aris B. Biso, the MDDRMO-Bantayan Assistant Training and Administrator.

The training was a significant part of the NSTP curriculum, and it aimed to equip the students with essential skills in handling emergencies and natural disasters. The lecture was comprehensive, covering various disaster risk reduction and management topics. Students received practical insights on responding effectively in emergencies such as fire outbreaks, earthquakes, and other natural calamities.

The demonstration was a practical aspect of the training, where the students performed basic response drills to apply the knowledge acquired from the lecture. This activity helped the students to develop a better understanding of disaster management concepts and helped them hone their response skills in real-life situations.

The Disaster Risk Reduction Management Training was a highly beneficial and engaging event that prepared students for potential natural disasters or emergencies. It was a successful activity that will undoubtedly positively impact the lives of those who participated and the community.

Words by Girlie F. Fariola