CTU-Bantayan conducts Rabies Awareness Seminar

Cebu Technological University: Bantayan Extension recently conducted a Rabies Awareness Seminar in collaboration with the Local Government Unit (LGU) to celebrate Rabies Awareness Month, which the Department of Agriculture spearheaded. The seminar, held on March 28, 2023, was attended by fourth-year students from the Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLEd) and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) programs.

STELITO V. MEJIA, the Municipal Livestock Coordinator and the resource speaker provided an insightful presentation on rabies, its symptoms, and how to identify it in animals and its prevention in humans. The seminar emphasized the importance of raising awareness about rabies, the steps that can be taken to prevent it and the signs that could indicate rabies infection.

In addition, the seminar provided comprehensive information on the importance of vaccination, recognizing and treating animal bites, and accessing medical care in the event of a bite. Participants were also given guidance on safely handling and transporting animals that may be infected with rabies.

The seminar proved highly beneficial, as it opened the door to the widespread awareness of reducing rabies deaths and ensuring that it helps reduce the number of cases of this often fatal and preventable disease in the Municipality of Bantayan.

After the discussion, the speaker entertained questions from the participants, allowing them further to expand their knowledge and awareness about the topic. The event ended successfully, leaving the students with new learnings and the line, “Rabies free na sa pusa’t aso, Kaligtasan ng Pamilyang Pilipino” instilling the importance of the seminar’s message.

Words by Clarisa Joy Rivera, Staff, The Island Horizon