CTU-Bantayan hold its seminar empowers women

On May 4, 2023, a seminar organized by the Cebu Technological University Bantayan-Extension campus was attended by members of the Sulangan Women Workers Association. The workshop aimed to raise awareness and prevent the harmful practice of child marriage as part of the post-celebration of the 2023 National Women’s Month.

The seminar began with a prayer and the Philippine national anthem, followed by a yoga session led by Ms. Llanabelle Llanohan, a certified yoga teacher. The opening statement was given by Ms. Charena Cueva, a faculty member from the College of Technology, who introduced the seminar’s purpose, which centered around RA 11596, a law prohibiting child marriage.

Ms. Joy Marie Layao, a faculty member from the College of Education, welcomed the Sulangan Women Workers Association and other participants to the seminar. The keynote speaker, Prof. Marjorie Zanoria, discussed the details of the law and how it can help prevent child marriage. She emphasized the importance of advocacy and community efforts in promoting gender equality and protecting children’s rights.

The seminar concluded with closing remarks from Ms. Geriemay Giltendez, a College of Technology faculty member. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to discuss important issues affecting women and children in the community and encouraged the participants to share what they have learned with others.

The seminar left the Sulangan Women Workers Association feeling empowered and reinvigorated in their commitment to advocating for women’s rights and working towards a society where women and girls are protected and empowered. This seminar served as a reminder of the importance of gender equality and the need to protect vulnerable members of society from harmful practices.

Words by Charina N. Mata