CTU Bantayan holds a seminar empowering Pre-Service Teachers Against Sexual Harassment

Cebu Technological University Daanbantayan Campus: Bantayan Extension College of Education recently conducted an Anti-Sexual Harassment Seminar on March 29, 2023. The seminar aimed at educating and empowering the eighteen (18) Pre-Service Teachers from the Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education Program, who are set to be deployed to the cooperating schools, on how to combat sexual harassment in schools and workplaces.

In her opening remarks, Campus Director Girlie F. Fariola emphasized the significance of the seminar, encouraging the students to speak up when they encounter sexual harassment. 

Police Chief Master Sergeant Mesyl I. Ducay from PNP Bantayan Station was the seminar’s speaker, providing an overview of Republic Act No. 11313, also known as the Safe Spaces Act/Bawal Bastos Law. The law penalizes wolf-whistling, catcalling, misogynistic and homophobic slurs, unwanted sexual advances, and other forms of sexual harassment in public places, workplaces, and schools, including online spaces.

The seminar highlights discussions on the different forms of gender-based sexual harassment committed in public spaces, educational or training institutions, workplaces, and online spaces. Sergeant Ducay shared valuable insights about the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995, emphasizing the importance of being cautious with one’s actions to prevent sexual harassment.

Furthermore, it was a crucial part of the student’s preparation for their upcoming practice teaching, ensuring they were ready and equipped to handle situations involving sexual harassment. Sergeant Ducay encouraged all women who have experienced sexual harassment to speak up and not to suffer in silence. The seminar ended with an interactive Q&A session, allowing the students to ask questions and seek clarifications.

Words by || Larabelle Q. Quezon