CTU Bantayan Conducts Monitoring, Re-Orientation, and Feedbacking Program For Faculty and Staff

The Cebu Technological University Bantayan Extension recently hosted a highly successful event, the “Monitoring, Re-Orientation, and Feedbacking Program” designed for faculty and staff. The program, which aimed to enhance the professional development and effectiveness of CTU’s educators, featured a well-structured agenda that ensured participants gained valuable insights into academic quality, administrative policies, and instructional strategies.

The day kicked off with the Classroom Monitoring segment, setting the tone for the insightful sessions that followed. After an invigorating start, attendees came together for a delightful Get-Together Lunch Break that provided an opportunity for networking and informal discussions.

The heart of the program was the Orientation Proper, which commenced with an Invocation and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. Ms. Girlie F. Fariola, the Campus Administrator of CTU Bantayan Extension, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the stage for a day filled with valuable information.

Miss Rubelyn M. Gulane, took the stage next to introduce the Newly Hired Faculty and Staff, fostering a sense of community within the CTU family. This segment was followed by an orientation focused on the objectives of monitoring, led by the esteemed speaker, Mr. Anthony Toรฑacao, who is Dean of the College of Hospitality Management.

Mr. Toรฑacao, delved into the essential topics that CTU Bantayan Extension would face as it expanded its coverage and reach, discussing the requirements for Accreditation and Quality Assurance. He also elaborated on the specific areas and levels following these requirements and offered insights into the courses offered at CTU Bantayan.

In his engaging session, Mr. Toรฑacao highlighted the instructors’ dedication to coping with curriculum gaps and facility constraints. His talk was informative, and inspiring, and set a high standard for the day’s discussions.

The program continued with the enlightening presentation by Mrs. Sofia M. Montana, an Admin Aide Officer V from CTU Daanbantayan Campus, who focused on Administrative Policies and the HRM Core Systems. She emphasized the importance of faculty members being well-versed in CTU’s Vision, Mission, Goals, Outcomes, and Core Values.

Mrs. Sofia M. Montana also encouraged instructors to pursue further education by obtaining master’s degrees and engaging in research activities. She covered various administrative policies, legalities of the Daily Time Record (DTR), and the schedule of salaries, ensuring that faculty and staff were up-to-date with these essential aspects of their roles.

The final speaker, Prof. Felixberto T. Lucabon Jr., Dean of Instruction, offered invaluable insights into Instruction and Academic Policies. He built upon the Feedback gathered during the earlier Monitoring phase, addressing how instructors should conduct themselves in the classroom. Prof. Lucabon discussed the four elements encompassing the Grading Systems necessary to acknowledge the many academic honors and cum laudes.

Additionally, he shared valuable information about Studentโ€™s Assessments for the Faculty, Classroom Management, and Faculty Performance. Prof. Lucabon concluded his session by discussing the Approved Grading System, offering practical guidance for CTU’s educators.

The day’s program wrapped up with the awarding and distribution of certificates, acknowledging the dedication and active participation of faculty and staff. A photo opportunity allowed attendees to capture the memorable moments of this informative and engaging event.

The “Monitoring, Re-Orientation, and Feedbacking Program” at CTU Bantayan Extension was expertly hosted by Mr. Lloyd Cymbeline Orbeta and was met with resounding success, equipping faculty and staff with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in their roles. This event marks a significant step towards enhancing the academic quality and administrative efficiency at CTU Bantayan Extension, ultimately benefitting students and the institution as a whole.

Words by Leah Robelyn S. Corridor