CTU – BANTAYAN successfully holds hydroponic seminar

Cebu Technological University Bantayan Extension conducted a Basic Hydroponic Seminar held at CTU Bantayan Extension Smart Room in Manan-ao, Bantigue, Bantayan on Thursday, February 29, 2024. The participants included the selected 1st-year NSTP students and the whole class of 2nd-year BTLED students.

The event began with a smooth registration process, hosted by Duch Martin Y. Dawa, a second-year BTLED students. The seminar started with the Invocation, Philippine National Anthem, ASEAN Hymn, Sugbo Hymn, and CTU Hymn.

The seminar commenced with a warm welcome from Professor Girlie F. Fariola, Campus Administrator of CTU Bantayan Extension who emphasized the importance of adapting new methods and practices in agriculture. Following her welcome remarks, Ana Jean V. Paclipan, a 2nd-year BTLED student, articulated the statement of purpose, setting the seminar for an interesting and purposeful discussion.

Meanwhile, Martin Hubert Quiamco, a 2nd-year BTLED student, took the opportunity to introduce the speaker of the day, Mr. Jay Al Pacilan, a former seafarer turned into a farmer and now the owner of UMA Bantayanon Hydro Farm. The speakerโ€™s comprehensive discussion began by defining hydroponics as a method of growing plants without soil and introduced the two methods of hydroponics. The speaker further elaborates on the provisions of RA 10068, the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). The speaker brought seedlings, a pH tester, cocopeat, solutions, and sample plants ready for harvesting, so the students could experience harvesting hydro products. The participants were guided through a step-by-step actual demonstration of planting lettuce.  Furthermore, the discussion ended with a meaningful and fun learning experience.

Prof. Girlie F. Fariola assisted by Ms. Leah Robelyn Corridor, CTU Bantayan Instructor, awarded the speaker for sharing his expertise in imparting knowledge about hydroponics. The seminars successfully encouraged the students to engage in hydroponic vegetable production with gratitude extended to all contributors for ensuring a memorable event. The students also received certificates for the said seminar. / Kianah Isabel Paglinawan