Future teachers begin writing the first page of the new chapters on their pre-teaching journey

The Fourth-year Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education students of Cebu Technological University Bantayan Extension Campus took part enthusiastically in a very memorable event held at the Parish Pastoral Center Bantayan last March 8, 2024.

The event commenced with a refreshing welcome from Professor Girlie F. Fariola, CTU Bantayan Extension Campus Director.

One of the highlights of events was the retired teacher, Mrs. Miriam Y. Mansueto shared her experiences and testimonies from her time as an educator. She gave such clear and inspiring messages for future teachers. “Ang pag maestra mahago pero puno sang pag higugma,” a quote she gave that made the pre-service teachers’ eyes sparkle as they kept each piece of advice.

Each speaker then presented the business proper. It began with the Dean of Instruction, Dr. Felixberto T. Lucabon Jr., addressing the teaching guidelines, followed by the Student Teaching Chairman, Professor Braulio M. Diongson, the cooperating teachers’ guide and pre-service teachers’ roles and expectations, and finally the OJT Coordinator, Dr. Marjorie L. Zanoria, leading an open forum.

The presentation and acceptance of pre-service teachers was the program’s most anticipated moment. Dr. Zanoria introduced each school’s pre-service teachers to the audience, followed by a message of acceptance and affirmation. Dr. Vivian M. Arreglo, Dean of the College of Education, confirmed the pre-service teachers’ message. After all, it was concluded with the following activities: awarding, photo opportunity, and closing remarks from Professor Charina N. Mata, a member of the COED faculty.

Just after the lunch break, the students and their proud parents gathered in the same venue as the pre-service teachers’ deployment and cooperating school principals and mentors’ orientation, which had already taken place earlier in the day. The pre-service teachers were pinned by their parents as they began writing the first page of the new chapters in their pre-teaching careers.

The event proceeds with the pre-service teacher lighting their candle, silently praying for guidance and success on their journey as they sang the theme “Rise” by Belle Mariano. The statement of commitment lead by Mr. Menchavez was delivered words by words, with determination, passion and the new garnered motivation. Ms. Marielle Dane Almohallas, the keynote speaker of the afternoon event, shared her journey towards becoming a certified teacher. She emphasized that despite holding other jobs at the time, she’s not happy, her

heart was drawn to teaching. She prayed for multiple signs from above and they all affirmed that she was meant to pursue a career in education. Indeed, she do and she got her badge, which make the pre-service teachers mind set on acquiring the very same badge.

The event ends with “padayon, if it’s your calling, if it’s God’s will you will sustain”, Dr. Marjorie Zanoria remarks as she closed the event, with the pre-service teachers wiping their tears on their cheeks as they whisper to themselves. “Kayanon. Puhon ma-maestra.” / Romeo Menchavez, Jr.