Cebu Technological University (CTU), the Largest Delegation for CHED-EduCanada Webinar on SDGs

Most participants in the CHED-EduCanada Webinar Series Connecting Philippine Higher Education with Canadian Institutions in the New Normal on “Renewable Energy and Renewing Our Commitments to the SDGs Through Capacity Building: Education Delivery and Engaged Research with Remote Communities Under Read more

ERASMUS + Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) Grant Holders’ Meeting with Nobel Prize Laureate Awardee

A public opening session on “Designing the future: role and responsibility of Higher Education Institutions” with Nobel Prize Laureate, Professor Muhamad Yunus, for the ERASMUS+Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) Grant Holders’ Meeting was attended by CTU Internationalization and ASEAN Read more

A million plus generated for Covid-19 bayanihan project

CTU Extension Office recently laid out report of #Amping Cebuano Community Extension Project, a Covid-19 bayanihan initiative, accumulating Php 1,364,138.35 from donations and university funds. Amping is a Cebuano-Visayan counterpart for the English phrase “to safeguard” used in the campaign Read more