Cebu Technological University – Bantayan

Frequently Asked Questions

What undergraduate degree programs are being offered at CTU Bantayan?

CTU Bantayan offers the following undergraduate degree programs:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education

How can we avail of free tuition fees and other scholarship grants?

As a state university, the school offers free tertiary education. However, there are external scholarships offered depending on the available slots where enrolled students can apply through the Student Affairs Office.

How much is the tuition fee?

No tuition fee shall be paid for undergraduate programs. The school is a state university that offers free tertiary education.

What are the enrollment requirements for new students?

First-year college students

High School Report Card (Form 138) / Certificate of Rating for Alternative Learning System (ALS) or its equivalent;

Certificate of Good Moral Character;

Two (2) copies of 2×2, recent ID pictures with white background and name tag;

Long, brown envelope / folder (15” x 10”).

What are the enrollment requirements for transfer students?

Transfer students


Certificate of Transfer Credentials / TOR

Certification of Good Moral Character

Two (2) copies of 2×2, recent ID pictures with white background and name tag


Note: Transfer students from the other CTU campuses shall not take the admission test, provided that the endorsement letter from the campus director is presented

Do you accept enrollees from Alternative Learning System?

ALS graduates are still accepted but for the students who graduated from the old curriculum, the administration will wait for the instruction from the top management.

Does the school offer short-term or vocational courses (two-year)?

As of the present, all of our degree offerings are four-year courses.

Is there any possibility to have face-to-face classes for the next Academic Year?

This will all depend on the advisory of the IATF considering the current situation.

Is there any possibility of having an actual OJT?

As per University Memorandum, On-the-Job Trainings are converted to alternative activities. OJTs are not allowed to report to companies, schools and other industries for safety purposes. However, they are given activities that will compensate for their actual on-the-job experience.

Can we have an actual graduation ceremony?

If the IATF allows it, we will have an actual graduation ceremony. But if the COVID-19 threat continues, the safety of the CTU community is the topmost priority of the university.