CTU Barili implements the 3.2M cattle feedlot fattening project to help students and the community

The Cebu Technological University Barili Campus, through the funds for the “Cattle Feedlot Fattening Project” of the Department of Agriculture – Regional Field Unit VII, co-implemented cattle fattening through a sub-agreement with three farmers’ associations in Barili namely, Dakit Tubod Farmers Association, Balao Farmers Association, and Pangpang Farmers Association via “Paalima” in a confined system.

Following the ‘Paalima’ system, the student beneficiaries performed all labour requirements in caring for the farm animals. One cattle was granted to each student beneficiary.

Sixteen sons and daughters of bonafide members of the farmers’ association enrolled at the College of Agriculture, Food Science, Business and Communication (CAFBC) are the primary beneficiaries of the project.

The students undergo various training throughout the project and participate in several consultation meetings with the Production, Extension, and Resource Generation Unit (PERG) of CTU Barili. The PERG also provide all technical expertise needed for project implementation and sustainability.

Upon graduation of the primary student beneficiary, an incoming student will replace the beneficiary as recommended by the partner farmers association. It will ensure project sustainability upon its implementation last August 1, 2022. 

A sharing scheme was followed until the beneficiary achieved 100% ownership of the cattle grown within the facility at CTU-Barili Campus.

The project aims to help provide additional income to its students and partner farmer associations.

Owing to the university’s mission to provide research and extension programs that address the region’s needs, it also aims to train future farmers in cattle fattening techniques and promote sustainable cattle feedlot fattening enterprise in Cebu Province, and produce more beef for its consumers.

Words by Ivy Dematawaran