Barili Campus Students Achieve NCII in Cookery

Fifty-nine students from Cebu Technological University (CTU) – Barili accomplished and successfully passed the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) On-Site Assessment for Cookery, granting them National Certificate II (NC II). The TESDA Accredited Assessment Center, 3A Prime Hospitality Training and Assessment Center, Inc., with its Assessor, Ana Liza M. Augusto, conducted the assessment on June 29 – July 4, 2023, at the CTU Barili Campus.

Among the 59 takers, 46 students come from the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and 13 from the Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education. The on-site assessment evaluated the culinary skills and competencies of the students in culinary preparation. The hands-on assessment covers preparing appetizers, vegetable salads, sandwiches, soups, and cold and hot desserts, among other culinary competencies. The student’s skills in preparing main dishes, including protein dishes, starchy food, and vegetables, were assessed. 

The College of Technology and Management (CTM) has supported the growth and development of its students by providing them with the competencies they need when they embark on their journey in the hospitality management industry.  

The assessment is one way of applying the students’ learnings in the classroom, specifically in cookery. The performance of the successful takers has demonstrated the quality and competence of the faculty members and the excellence of Technologists.

Words by Ivy Dematawaran