CTU Faculty joins researcher development program in Thailand

A Cebu Technological University (CTU) – Barili campus faculty member participated in the ASEAN BCG Researcher Development Program held on July 10 – 14, 2023, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Pet Roey L. Pascual, a faculty member from the College of Agriculture, Food Science, Agribusiness and Development Communication in CTU Barili, was awarded a certificate of achievement for his successful program completion.

The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and EURAXESS jointly organized the program. The Program Management Unit supported them with Human Resources & Institutional Development, Research and Innovation (PMU-B). The participants comprised talented ASEAN researchers who underwent the program’s two phases. Dr. Pascual is one of the two Filipino researchers selected to proceed in the 2nd Phase, the on-site program in Thailand.

The program gathers experienced researchers for skill development, especially in the areas of Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG), and an interaction to form future collaboration. The mentorship strengthened the participating researchers’ proposal writing and project leadership skills in developing a research funding proposal responding to different issues enveloping Agriculture and Food, Medical and Wellness, Energy, Material and Biochemicals, and Sustainable Community. Participating researchers collaborated to tackle these issues, which Dr. Pascual and his group delved into Sustainable Community.

Dr. Pascual’s expertise in research earned him a spot to join this prestigious all-expense paid program funded by NSTDA and PMU-B. This network with other ASEAN researchers garnered CTU yet another feat in the international arena.

Words by Ivy Dematawaran