DOT 7 Trains CTU-Barili HM Faculty and Students on Filipino Brand of Service Excellence

The CTU-Barili Hospitality Management (HM) faculty and students, particularly the third-year students, have joined the ranks of many groups in the hospitality industry who have received training from the Department of Tourism (DOT) – Central Visayas in the Filipino Brand of Service Excellence (FBSE) that took place on April 26, 2023, at the Center for Studies in Biotechnology Conference Hall.

Mr. Ruel J. Rigor, a DOT-accredited FBSE Regional Trainer, served as the speaker, delivering insightful sessions on service excellence and Filipino values, dealing with and delivering exceptional service experiences to guests, and effectively handling complaints for service recovery.

During the training, participants were introduced to the signature gesture of the FBSE, known as the ‘Open palm touching the heart.’ This gesture symbolizes Filipinos’ inherent giving, generosity, and openhanded nature. Complementing the gesture is the signature oral expression of FBSE, the word ‘Mabuhay,’ which translates to ‘long live’ in the Filipino language.

In his inspirational talk, Dr. Manolito D. Villarin, Campus Dean of Instruction and an HM faculty member, expressed his hope that the values and principles learned during the training would become deeply ingrained within the participants, guiding their personal and professional endeavors.

CTU Barili stands out as the first campus within the CTU system offering BSHM (Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management) to receive training on FBSE. This brand represents the unique culture and values of the Philippines.

The FBSE training program, one of the Department of Tourism’s initiatives, aims to train 100,000 tourism workers by 2024. It strives to equip tourism stakeholders with the standard Filipino hospitality and service skills necessary to provide exceptional experiences to tourists.

Words by Ivy Dematawaran