CTU-Barili Empowers Student Journos thru Seminar-Workshop

Student Journalists at CTU Barili campus honed their journalism skills as they participated in a 3-day seminar workshop on March 19–21, 2024, at the Biotech Center Conference Room with the theme “Empowering Campus Journalism: Unleashing the Potential of Student Journalists” led by ‘The Farm’, the campus’s official student media outlet.

Three speakers who have expertise in the different fields of journalism were invited to impart their knowledge and personal experiences in journalism to the participants. The first day focused on journalistic writing covering news, feature, and editorial writing. The participants worked on their broadcasting skills on the second day, particularly in broadcast news production. The last day delved into photography, graphics, and layout.

The sessions included lectures and workshops where students’ outputs were critiqued. For them, the workshop served as an outlet to improve their skills.

“The seminar workshop was a valuable opportunity for me to refine my skills in writing and speaking. It provided me with practical techniques and strategies that I’ve been able to apply directly to my work. I believe that my communication skills, both written and verbal, have significantly improved because of this workshop,” shared Kennyren Dayonot, a staff from The Farm.

The Farm seminar-workshop was realized after months of planning and was conducted for the first time after the pandemic. For the staffers, it was quite a timely and relevant event for the media outlet, as they are now formulating the concept of their school paper for this academic year (2023-2024). / Melvin Benemerito