Cebu Technological University – Barili

About Us

USF - CTU Barili - Tahi para Mabuhi

This is to escalate the university-community engagement services through various “tahi” projects. Our primary task is to introduce research-based sewing-related projects to the community, thus, it will uphold equal partnership and dialogue with local, regional and national organizations and also with individuals.

It is our belief that all citizens are able to contribute ideas, energy and action to build a better community and that these initiatives are more likely embraced if citizens have a role in formulating them. We strive to create and empower different actors in the USF-CTU Barili community to gather and channel their energy towards shared goals.

Indeed, sewing is an intensely practical act of kindness and we want this community service to build on the community efforts established during this pandemic.


Promote a culture of participation with research-based extension programs that support ongoing quality community engagement.


Imparts sewing skills and technological training to many of those who have limited access to formal education.

Implement research-based products that aim at accessing knowledge and using it in a manner that would develop livelihood skills by adding value to the existing knowledge, and resources already available.

Establish linkage activities affecting collaboration among the stakeholders that would lead to promote economic outcomes.


CTU Barili USF (Tahi) provides support services for local sewers (mananahi) in meeting the new challenges confronting local production in clothing construction.


way back in the year 2009 to 2013 in which we produced academic gowns for both undergraduate and graduate school students and we are also inclined to create different apparel to be used at home like curtains, throw pillows, table runners, seat covers, table covers and the like. We received funding from the GAA Extension since 2008 for the implementation of the said livelihood skills activities. We aim to provide sewing different kinds of apparel and clothes upcycling workshops, operate a drop-in center and run extension activities that provide an alternative to the high street consumerism that has become so prevalent.