Cebu Technological University – Barili

Student Organizations



Supreme Student Government

The highest governing student body of Cebu Technological University (CTU) Barili is duly organized and elected at large by the students themselves whose primary aim is to serve the voice of the students to the school administration in the presentation of student views on matters and concerns that directly affect them. Objectives of Organization: submitted; found in by laws fil Constitution and By-Laws: submitted; complete


Future Science and Technology Leaders of the Philippines (Fstlp)

The Future Science and Technology Leaders of the Philippines (FSTLP) is an independent governing body from other organizations of CTU Campuses and under the umbrella of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) of the University. All bona fide students of any CTU Campus are members of this organization.


Young Hotelier's Club

All Students enrolled in CTU Barili taking up Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM) course, either pursuing a Bachelor or Associate degree automatically become members of the organization, “Young Hotellier’s Club” (YHC).


Philippine Society of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering-pre-professional Group (Psabe)

This organization is composed of all students officially enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering/ Bachelor of Science in Agricultural (BSA) and Biosystems Engineering program.


Guild Of Enthusiastic Agriculturist

This organization constitutes all bona fide students enrolled in CTU Barili taking up BSA. Objectives of Organization:

Coordinate education programs and services for beginning farmer efforts statewide.

Assess the needs of beginning farmers and retiring farmers. Develop, coordinate, and deliver targeted education to the beginning and retiring farm families.

Help to protect, save and cure earth for the future.

To recognize the importance of true discussions and the interplay of different ideas in the pursuits of its aim.

To commit itself to actively strive for progressive and positive change within the college in which it exists.

Calls for unity, solidarity and true comradeship, not just among its officers and members but also among all students' Organization and its officers and members.

To commit itself to strive for the realization of true equality of status and opportunities among the various gender such as equality being based on mutual consideration and respect and recognizing each individual's uniqueness and humanity.


Veterinary Student Society (VetSS)

The Veterinary Student Society, with the acronym “VetSS” is an organized group of all students pursuing Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programs, enrolled in CTU Barili are automatically members of this organization.


Society For The Advancement Of Veterinary Education And Research (Savers)

The Society for the Advancement of Veterinary Education and Research (SAVER) is an organization composed of all Veterinary students who are inclined to research and extension.


English Club

The English Club / Anglicus de Advocare (AdA) is an organization composed of all Language and Humanities students who embrace all kinds of literary genre across the globe and endeavor on retelling the great stories of all times to the community


Ranchers Club Philippines

The Ranchers’ Club Philippines is an organization composed of all agriculture students major in animal science which aims to teach proper cattle handling and mastery of rodeo skills.


Math And Science Society (Mass)

The Math and Science Society (MaSS) is an organization composed of all students who are officially enrolled in any Mathematics and Science subjects who wish to become scientists and mathematicians who can inspire all elementary pupils by conducting Math and Science tutorial classes to neighboring barangay schools. Objectives of Organization:

Enhance student’s skills in math and science

Conduct Math and Science Tutorial Classes to Elementary Pupils


Technology Society

Short description/overview of the Organization: The Technology Society (TECHNOS) is an organization composed of all students who are officially enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Information technology (BSIT) and Bachelor in Industrial Technology (BIT) courses, either pursuing a bachelor or associate degree.