CTU-Carmen Publication Incoming Editorial Board Members join Website Article Writing Workshop Series V

The Incoming Editorial Board Members of CTU-Carmen Publication participated in the Website Article Writing Workshop Series (Part V) entitled “Smart Writing: An Engagement for Online Platforms” conducted by the Center for Communication and Media via Google Meet on May 27, 2022.

The webinar aims to strengthen the writing skills of the designated faculty writers, non-teaching staff, and students across the campus.

A total of 110 participants attended the webinar, where according to Dr. Cristie Ann L. Jaca, University Director, CCM, the said series garnered the most participants.

The participants from CTU-Carmen were assisted through the help of Jihan Comeros, the school publication adviser.

“As a future editor, attending a writing workshop was worth exploring. It develops the creative thinking and problem-solving abilities,” Rachel Quezon, News Writer, said.

The high-end speaker of the webinar was Atty. Francis Harris A. Abangan where according to him, “writers must produce an article that is concise, simple, and sincere.”

Words by Lyn Marie Bayo