CTU Alumnus takes 4th Place in Sinulog Idol Season 14: A Proud Moment for Carmen and Alma Mater

Photos by James Cliford Boter

Alumnus of CTU – Carmen, Raffy Buenconsejo grabbed 4th Place in Cebu’s Sinulog Idol Season 14 Competition. He attended the courtesy call at the Office of the Campus Director last January 17, 2023. A program was conducted to formally congratulate him and recognize the pride he has granted to his Alma Mater and all Carmenanons.

Sinulog Idol is a singing competition organized by the Sinulog Foundation Inc. during the Sinulog Festival in honour of Senior Sto. Niño.

“I have tried auditioning for two seasons and got rejected,” Mr. Buenconsejo said during an interview with The Aquarian.

“For this season, I made extensive preparation. I jogged. I prepared songs, and I prayed to Senior Santo Niño. Luckily, I was chosen to advance to the next levels of the competition,” he added.

Being rejected twice, Mr. Buenconsejo always accepted the chance of being repudiated again. Instead, he tried once more and prepared himself competently.

“If this was my chance, rain all the stars on me,” Mr. Buenconseju’s special prayer to Snr. Sto. Niño.

Indeed, it was an answered prayer. He may not be the champion of the competition, but it was a satisfying achievement, far from giving up after those rejections. All the stars rain on him because he chooses to continue the fight. He was always eager to showcase his talent and got the support of the people he valued the most.

Words by Lyn Marie Bayo