Cebu Technological University – Carmen

Social Responsibility


(PagLaSa TiBu) Pagkaon Lamion sa Tiyan Busgon

The project provided training on baking methods and cooking techniques, which were enhanced by the formulation of various ingredients available in the local market for additional income.

22 Beneficiaries (Community Residents)

21 volunteer students

8 volunteer staff

Skills Training in Housekeeping Services for NC II Assessment

To provide skills development as an avenue to acquire a decent living, beneficiaries were trained in housekeeping services.

15 Beneficiaries (High School Graduates)

2 volunteer students

5 volunteer staff

Pukaw sa Kutaw: A Mixer Tool Introduction to Upscale Production of Liquid-Based Livelihood Projects

The introduction and use of this tool to the communities and different organizations engaging in liquid-based products are aimed to improve the economic viability of their projects through a shorter return on investment span and easy tool maintenance.

260 Beneficiaries (Household members)

22 volunteer students

13 volunteer staff

Abtik sa Mathematics pamaagi sa Singaporean Mathematics

The project trained beneficiaries in Singaporean math in doing addition and subtraction, to alleviate difficulties usually experienced in mathematics.

25 Beneficiaries (Pupils)

26 volunteer students

6 volunteer staff

Galinga sa Siyensya (non-STEM) Chemistry

To increase proficiency in chemistry, a learning session program was F25provided for senior high school non-STEM participants.

15 Beneficiaries (Pupils)

34 volunteer students

6 volunteer staff

Hasa sa Basa, Suwat ug Matematika Alang sa Pre-School Learners

The project trained children to develop skills in writing the alphabet and counting numbers

45 Beneficiaries (Children)

30 volunteer students

7 volunteer staff

Skills Training in Bread and Pastry

For income augmentation, this project provided skills training in cakes and cupcakes products.

19 Beneficiaries (Women)

15 volunteer students

6 volunteer staff

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

The project provided training in shielded metal arc welding.

13 Beneficiaries (Community Residents)

3 volunteer students

14 volunteer staff

Computer System Servicing

The project provided training in computer troubleshooting.

10 Beneficiaries (Community Residents)

26 volunteer students

4 volunteer staff