Cebu Technological University – Carmen


PE and Sports Office

Covered Court

Covered Court / Table Tennis

Open Field

Basketball Court

Covered Court

CTU Carmen Health Services

Dormitory Office

Academic Building

Technical Building

Connecting Technical and Related Subject Building

Related Subject Building

Dormitory Building

Annex / Fish Processing Building

Mess Hall

Boiler House

Marine Engineering Building

Fish Capture Building

Research and Development Building

Extension Marine Engineering Building

Electrical Building

Staff House


Power House Building and Area of Transformer

Gender and Development Building

Aqua Culture Building


Fish Tanks

Guidance Office & Counseling Room

SAO Office

Hometel 1

Hometel 2

Library 1

Library 2


Audio Visual Hall

Accreditation Office

Student Activity Center

Social Hall

Cashier’s Office

Accounting Office

Record’s Office

Auditor’s Office

Registrar's Office

Supply Office

FSTLP Office

Ship Training Officer Office

Bids and Awards Committee Office

Faculty Room


Supreme Student Council Office

NSTP Office

Librarian’s Office