Cebu Technological University – Carmen

Student Organizations


Campus Ministry Choir (CMC)

Campus Ministry Choir (CMC) is a support organization for the students to serve the Almighty.

Objectives of Organization: Preserve and promote values-oriented and character progress and entertainment particularly in singing and serving masses for the school.

Demonstrate a sense of spiritual awareness, promote positive character, discipline in physical/mental health among its members.


Future Science And Technology Leaders of the Philippines

This organization shall be called the Future Science and Technology Leaders of the Philippines of Cebu Technological University (CTU) Carmen, Carmen, Cebu.

Objectives of Organization: Section 1 – The purpose of the organization shall be:

Sipnayan Pirates

Sipnayan Pirates is an organization made up of students interested in math and those who are willing to share their time to impart their math skills and knowledge within a group.

Objectives of Organization: Sipnayan Pirates organization aims to conduct activities that would benefit other students especially those who likely found difficulties in math. This organization is willing to give time and effort as best as they can just to help students to understand and to be enlightened by their queries.

Supreme Student Council

Supreme Student Council (SSC) is a support organization for students. This organization works to create support systems and networks for all students; facilitate communication among students and faculty, staff, and administration; and promote interaction among students. SSC organizes various activities for students. In addition, SSC facilitates the nomination of student representatives to ensure that these opportunities are distributed evenly and fairly.

Objectives of Organization:

The Aquarian, the Official Student Publication of CTU Carmen

The Aquarian is a publication serving student body's interest, informing the CTU community of news and developments within and outside the university that is interesting, useful and relevant to them.

Objectives of Organization: It shall abide and conform to the ethics and standards of the campus journalism and the journalism in general and serve as a medium of committed and independent student opinion on international, national, local and campus-wide issues that are directly and indirectly affecting the student in particular and the people in general.

It shall serve as a venue for social transformation and give special importance to Science and Technology, Fisheries, Education, Marine Engineering, Hospitality Management, Industrial Technology for the Filipino society in general and university.

The Sinamayan Dance Troupe

The SDT or Sinamayan Dance Troupe is the official talent organization of Cebu Technological University Carmen facilitated by talented individuals from different programs in the University. The Dance Troupe commits to regular, after-school lessons to memorize dance routines and choreography in preparation for any upcoming events whether it’s inside the school premises or the out-of-school ones. CTU Carmen students enrolled into Dance Troupe to not only benefit from physical health, as well as improved confidence and social skills.