CCM and ICPA harmonization

On September 7, the two offices Center for Communication and Media (CCM) together with Information, Communications and Public Affairs (ICPA) held a strategic meeting and presentation of their respective operations manuals. The said meeting was organized to harmonize the communication Read more

HALAGAD joins hands with ANHS – TVL Faculty for handloom weaving IMs making

To help sustain and promote a culture that has continued to flourish despite several generational twists, Cebu Technological University – Argao Campus’ Hanyag sa Pangalagad (HALAGAD) tapped the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Faculty of Argao National High School and job shadowers wherein a Read more

Dean of the College of Education Argao Presents Research on Sustainability in Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Fitzgerald C. Kintanar, Dean of the College of Education (COEd) of Cebu Technological University-Argao Campus (CTU-AC), presented the accepted abstract on research for sustainability, entitled: “Pre-Service Teachers’ Awareness of Sustainable Development Goals: Dissemination Strategies for Equitable and Sustainable Learning Read more